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Riderz Turbo Tamers
Riderz Turbo Tamers
Riderz Turbo Tamers

Riderz Turbo Tamers

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Turbo Tamers were developed out of a need for the new Ski-doo Turbo to have the ability for more adjustment.  Ski-doo did an awesome job of making a generic clutch setup. The original setup works great for some but Leaves some tuning on the table. Tamers allow you to take advantage and fine tune it to fit you and your style. By adding tamers to your stock clutching you gain tunability not previously available unless you spent $500+ on an aftermarket clutch kit.  You have an easily tunable system that not only allows you to perfect your stock sled, but still compliments other goodies you may add. 

The clickers work best on clicker 1. The Turbo Tamers are a simple but very effective system. They replace the factory left hand arms of the ramp assemblies and give you two more positions to add weight and tune the clutching. The heel weight cleans up the bottom end and lowers the engagement. The tip weight allows you to fix the over revving issues, without making the mid range doggy, as if you were to add weight to your clicker bolt. 
The engineers who developed the stock system did an awesome job but we wanted to find a way to fine tune it specifically to rider preference and now you can too! Like our customers, we love to tune. We are testing other setups besides stock and ask customers to share their experiences and setups with us!