Product Development... My Story

I have been snowmobiling for a little over 12 years. Growing up I spent my time playing around performance machines, whether it was motocross and sand dunes or wakeboarding and waterskiing. I was introduced to snowmobiling through a friend and have been hooked ever since. In trying to keep up with my friends I started spending a lot of money on aftermarket parts and accessories, some were hits and some were misses. There's nothing more frustrating to me than not getting a good value for hard earned cash.

It seems I am the common case, there are many people out there trying to squeeze more performance out of their sleds. That interest has created a growing market for snowmobile vents. I have purchased a few of these kits and researched nearly all the rest of them. My conclusion was always something like, "This one is great BUT..." I found that most of products available perform as advertised, but NONE of them fully met all my needs for a vent kit.

I do most of my riding in Utah and Wyoming with a close group of friends. We do a lot of boondocking and tree riding. As my riding skill has increased so have the difficulty levels of our tree runs and the frequency of our tree encounters. Our running inside joke is that we are a bunch of "tree huggers". As you'd expect, these close encounters of the tree kind have wrecked havoc on our vent kits. No faster way to ruin a day of awesome riding by tearing the vent and ending up with a wet clutch.

So I started my search. I wanted a vent kit that would allow plenty of cool air in and more heat out. First and foremost, the vents would have to handle our tough, extreme riding conditions. Secondly, it had to look good, nobody wants to ruin their investment by slapping something on that looks like it was created in a middle school shop class made of duct tape and super-glue. I never found that vent, thus was created.

My pet peeve with most vent kit companies isthat they want to sell you a "kit". Most the time I don't want all the vents they are offering, but there isn't an option to cherry pick the good stuff. So here at I have tried to make it easy to buy only the vents that you want. There are off the shelf kits available for those that want them, but I can customize any kit to your needs. If you want clutch side problem. If you want one pod vent and nothing problem. We've got what you need, and if we don't have it today, we'll make it for you tomorrow.

I made a few prototypes and showed them to my dealer Star Valley Ski-doo in Thayne, WY. Star Valley Ski-Doo is known for their faithful following of customers and racers. They are based within minutes of some of the most extreme mountain riding in the west, places like Alpine and Grey's River. All year they test different aftermarket parts and accessories to find the ones that work, and get rid of the ones that don't. They are aftermarket gurus! Ask any Doo owner that has purchased their sled from Star Valley how they like their sled, and they will tell you "It Rips". But SVS doesn't sell vent kits. Why? They have seen too many of them get ripped on trees. I showed them the prototype vent kits and they told me "you better send us 10 kits immediately, these are going to be a hit". They also told me about the many complaints they have been having about XP owners' sleds losing power from snow clogging the stock intake. This causes a 200-500 drop in RPM's. We tore down a brand new '08 XP to see what we could do to fix it. After a few minutes it was obvious what needed to be done. The XP cold air intake kit was developed! Oh, by the way, Star Valley Ski-Doo now sells Xtreme Air Vents! Talk to Mike or Dell, they will get you set up!

Update 2015...the continued quest for awesome vents has helped me to manufacture vents for almost every newer make and model of sled out there.  I am always continuing development of new vents and new designs, better materials and processes.  I have shipped vents all over the world.  Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Russia, Japan, China, South America, The Northern Territories and many others.  I love working with sleds and will continue to develop and design Xtreme Vents for Extreme riders.  I am not too proud to take on new projects and new sled designs, so if you don't see the vent you want, let me know and I will work with you to build you the perfect vent.


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