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Product Reviews:

This section focuses on products that I have tested personally. I have not been paid by any of the following companies to post a review. These are tried and true, honest opinions. Click on the heading of each section for a link to their website.

2018 Reviews

Castle X Gear

It's no secret that I have partenered up with Castle X clothing now for 8+ years. I still love their gear and use it exclusively for riding. In 2017-2018 I have been wearing the non insulated Mono Suit. This has been a game changer for me. I resisted the mono suit for a couple years but finally tried one out. Now I love riding in a mono suit. You stay warmer, dryer and cooler all at the same time. It's so nice to find awesome price point gear that works great and doesn't require a loan to purchase.

Castle X redesigend their mountain gloves (stance) in 2017 and are honestly the best gloves I have ever used. The leather palm is bullet proof and my hands always stay dry. Again...only $65 you can't go wrong.

In late 2016 I started having neck issues and spoke with Castle about bringing back a carbon helmet. They sent me out a prototype MX style helmet (that's all I wear) to test that they had been working on. They have acheived the weight of a carbon helmet without the massive cost of carbon. Instatly I fell in love with the helmet. I had been wearing HJC for years and liked them but the new Castle X helmet is a huge improvement. The weight is substantially lighter than a stanadar MX style helmet and super comfortable. Best of all they are true to size fit. Order a medium and it's not sized like an XXL or XXS. At $119 you're crazy to not get one.

Sled Mods

For the first time in years I have not done a single modification to my sled. I'm on a '17 850 Summit X 154 and have loved it. The only thing done to it is vents. I feel that there is some major improvement to be had in clutching but there are not many options out there. Some stuff for low elevation guys but not much for us guys that ride above 7000 feet. For 2019 I am going to be testing a couple different set ups. I will post what I end up using.

Old Reviews

Castle X Clothing:

OK so I had a chance to ride this season with the prototype 2013 Castle X riding gear. Castle X invited me to ride with them in February for 5 days in Towgotee Wyoming to shoot some video and stills for their new 2013 product line. I am no stranger to Castle X and have even been given the opportunity to offer my input in the past year on what I think would make their gear even better for mountain riders. I had no idea what to expect when I arrived at Towgotee and found 5 huge boxes of gear. I opened the boxes and my mouth dropped. Castle X had completely redesigned their gear for mountain riders. Lightweight, waterproof, highly flexible, un-insulated for extreme riding! To top it all off the colors and patterns were awesome! The coats have tons of venting, sealed seams, few pockets, and the material is incredibly soft.

The pants have lightly padded knees, great snow gaiters, lightweight construction, and great reinforcements. I am SOLD! No need to go blow your whole wad on special K or MF this gear looks great and works awesome. You won't be disappointed!

The castle goggles have been great. I use them on every ride. They are very fog resistant and I highly recommend them to all my buddies. I have switched back and forth between my Smith, Haber's, Spy and Scott goggles and next to my Smith's the Castle ones are the best!

If you are a mountain rider like me I highly recommend Castle X clothing. You will not be disappointed and you won't blow your entire paycheck getting outfitted. Castle makes high quality, highly waterproof, very breathable, and very stylish gear. In this day and age, awesome gear for less money gets an A in my book.

Check out the 2013 Castle X gear on Youtube Video

Star Valley Ski-Doo:

Located in Thayne, Wyoming. Over the past few years these guys have become some of my best friends. I have spent lots of personal time with them as well as done lots of business. They are extremely fair and honest. They know Ski-Doo snowmobiles like nobody else. They tune many of the top hill climb racers' sleds (including Luke Rainey, Rick Budge, Tom Roby etc). I highly recommend their services and awesome tuning.