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Universal Vents

Universal Vents

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These universal vents will work on Sleds, ATV's, UTV's and many others. They are a universal size that can be adapted to many different machines. These vents are the ultimate for extreme riders. They are made of tough aluminum with a super strong coated mesh covering. These vents have the option of adding an OEM spec waterproof material between the aluminum and the mesh to keep super fine powder and moisture out but let lots of air in. Unlike all other vent kits that have mesh attached to a tiny little aluminum frame these vents are a solid perforated aluminum. Nothing will ever tear through, and they actually add structural strength. They can be ordered in any color: (Blue, Yellow, Red, White, Black). Please specify when ordering.

These vents come in common sizes. The round vents are slighlty larger and are designed to simply drill either a 2" or 3" hole saw hole respectively or to cover an existing 2" or 3" hole that was previously drilled. Please specify pre-filter "yes" if these are to be used on the clutch side or as intakes.
The 3x5 and 4x6 vents can be used to cover existing odd sized holes or to build a new vent area on your machine. These vents are actual size. The "cut out" are will be 1/2" smaller than the actual size.

Each Vent includes:

Instructions, Templates and Rivets w/back-up washers.

Vents can be ordered separatly, Use drop down menu for ordering.