Ski-Doo 2017 GEN 4 Vents 

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Gen 4 Vent Kit 10-Piece 2017

The new Gen 4's are built extremly tight.  The design leaves almost no air flow.  Vents are an absolute must for these new sleds to get cool air in and heat out.  Are you tired of scorching hot clutches and burning belts? How does the vent kit fix that problem? Simple, with air flow. If you don't give that hot air a way to mix with colder air the temperature inside will rise until a breaking point is hit and the sled stops working. Belts and clutches are easy targets as the breaking point. Proper cooling solves the problem. Don't worry though, these vents are made to last. Just getting near the trees is sometimes enough to damage those "other guy's" vents. I'm an extreme rider, and I designed the vents for me, so I know they are strong enough for all extreme riders. They are made of a tough aluminum with a super strong coated mesh covering. The clutch side vents have an extra layer of OEM spec waterproof material between the aluminum and the mesh covering to keep the fine powder out but still let a lot of air in. Unlike all other vent kits that have mesh attached to a tiny little aluminum or plastic?? frame these vents are a solid perforated aluminum. Nothing will ever tear through, and they actually add structural strength. Can be ordered in many custom colors.  Please specify your color choice when ordering.

All vents and kits come with color matched rivets, back-up washers, cut templates and instructions for simple do-it-yourself installation.

Gen 4 10-Piece Vent Kit Includes:  2ea - Top Vents (Clutch Side, Exhaust Side), 2ea - Outter Knee Vents (CS, ES) 2ea - Side Knee Vents (CS, ES), 2ea - Back Top Vents (CS, ES). 2ea - Rear Side (CS, ES).

Note: Exhaust Side pre-filter is only recommended when running a turbo that takes air from inside the panel.  
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Xtreme Gen 4 Vents
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Xtreme Gen 4 Vents
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Gen 4 Intake Vent Kit 2017

Cover the wimpy stock intakes with these ultra durable intake vents.  The vents come with the same high quality prefilter material that is used on other vents by Xtreme Air Vents.  This material is the same stuff the factory uses on their intakes.  No more worries about torn intakes and chipping ice.  These vents can handle the beating.  These simply rivet on over the stock intake.  Note: Some cutting is required for proper rivet locations.

Includes: 2ea - Intake Vents (right and left), Rivets and back-up washers.

Install Video - Here

Gen 4 Intake Vent Kit

Gen 4 Shock Tower Vent 2017

The newly designed Gen 4 Shock tower vent is an amazing vent for getting air inside the panel and across the clutches. They are built like all the other Xtreme Air Vents.  The clutch side vents come with OEM spec waterproof material between the aluminum and the mesh.  Exahust side vents don't come standard with the waterproof material to take better advantage of air flow.  It can be added to the exhaust side vents at no extra charge.  Note: EXTREME Caution must be used while installing this vent (possibility of puncturing the new oil reservoir).

Includes: 1ea - Shock Tower Vent (Clutch Side (CS) or Exhuast Side (ES), Rivets and back-up washers.

Gen 4 Shock Tower Vent

Gen 4 Grill Vent Kit 2017

Cover the snow gulping, ice forming monster grill on the front of your Gen 4 with this sweet new set of vents.  These vents come together as a kit with the Top and Bottom Vent.  The vents are made of aluminum with a tough poly coated mesh wrapped over them.

These vents come complete with rivets and bolts for easy install.  Note:  It is required to remove the hood for installation.

Gen 4 Grill Vent 2017 Kit
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