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Polaris AXYS - 2016-2019

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Polaris AXYS Xtra Air Intake Kit 2017-2019

Give your AXYS some Xtra Air for those deep days when your sled is starving for air.  These ultra durable vents come with the same high quality prefilter material that the factory uses on their intakes.  No more worries about torn intakes and chipping ice.  These vents can handle the beating.  These simply rivet on the stock intake plenum.  

Includes: 2ea - Intake Plenum Vents (right, left) and Rivets

Xtreme AXYS Xtra Air Intake Kit

Polaris AXYS Vents 2017-2019

Are you tired of scorching hot clutches and burning belts? How does this vent kit fix that problem? Simple, with air flow. If you don't give that hot air a way to mix with colder air the temperature inside will rise until a breaking point is reached and the sled stops working right. Belts and clutches are easy targets as the breaking point. Proper cooling solves the problem. Don't worry though, these vents are made to last. Just getting near the trees is sometimes enough to damage those "other guy's" vents. I'm an extreme rider, and I designed the vents for me, so I know they are strong enough for all extreme riders. They are made of a tough aluminum with a super strong coated mesh covering. The clutch side vents have an extra layer of OEM spec waterproof material between the aluminum backer and the mesh covering to keep the fine powder out but still let a lot of air in. Unlike all other vent kits that have mesh attached to a tiny little aluminum frame these vents are a solid perforated aluminum. Nothing will ever tear through, and they actually add structural strength. Can be ordered in any color: (Blue, Yellow, Red, White, Black). Please specify your color choice when ordering.

All vents and kits come with color matched rivets, back-up washers, cut templates and instructions for simple do-it-yourself installation.


Xtreme AXYS Vent Kit and Vents
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Xtreme AXYS Vents
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Exhaust Side Pre-filter Option

Polaris AXYS Console Vent 2017-2019

This new vent is a great addition to your sled or existing vent kit.  This vent is in a perfect location high on the panel to let heat out the top.  They are built like all the other Xtreme Air Vents, durable and built to last.  This clutch side vent comes with OEM spec waterproof material between the aluminum and the mesh.  

All vents and kits come with color matched rivets, back-up washers, cut templates and instructions for simple do-it-yourself installation.

Xtreme AXYS Console Vent
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