Product Reviews: 

This section focuses on products that I have tested personally.  I have not been paid by any of the following companies to post a review.  These are tried and true, honest opinions.  Click on the heading of each section for a link to their website.

Castle X Clothing: 

OK so I had a chance to ride this season with the prototype 2013 Castle X riding gear.  Castle X invited me to ride with them in February for 5 days in Towgotee Wyoming to shoot some video and stills for their new 2013 product line.  I am no stranger to Castle X and have even been given the opportunity to offer my input in the past year on what I think would make their gear even better for mountain riders.  I had no idea what to expect when I arrived at Towgotee and found 5 huge boxes of gear.  I opened the boxes and my mouth dropped.  Castle X had completely redesigned their gear for mountain riders.  Lightweight, waterproof, highly flexible, un-insulated for extreme riding!  To top it all off the colors and patterns were awesome!  The coats have tons of venting, sealed seams, few pockets, and the material is incredibly soft.
The pants have lightly padded knees, great snow gaiters, lightweight construction, and great reinforcements.  I am SOLD!  No need to go blow your whole wad on special K or MF this gear looks great and works awesome.  You won't be disappointed!

The castle goggles have been great. I use them on every ride. They are very fog resistant and I highly recommend them to all my buddies. I have switched back and forth between my Smith, Haber's, Spy and Scott goggles and next to my Smith's the Castle ones are the best!

If you are a mountain rider like me I highly recommend Castle X clothing. You will not be disappointed and you won't blow your entire paycheck getting outfitted. Castle makes high quality, highly waterproof, very breathable, and very stylish gear. In this day and age, awesome gear for less money gets an A in my book.  

Check out the 2013 Castle X gear on Youtube Video

HMK Pro Boa Boots:  I love the HMK Pro Boa boots!  They are super quick to put on, they have heat mold able liners, tons of ankle support, and keep your feet warm.  I have had Klim boots, Ski-doo Boots, and Castle Boots, and all them take FOREVER to put on.  The Klim boots probably are second choice but like I said before, they are laces...I hate laces.

Star Valley Ski-Doo:  Located in Thayne, Wyoming.  Over the past few years these guys have become some of my best friends.  I have spent lots of personal time with them as well as done lots of business.  They are extremely fair and honest.  They know Ski-Doo snowmobiles like nobody else.  They tune many of the top hill climb racers' sleds (including Luke Rainey, Rick Budge, Tom Roby etc).   I highly recommend their services and awesome tuning.  They are also the western Rep for Trygstadt Motorsports. 

Shockwave Helix:  This has been the best clutch tuning tool I have ever used!  It allows for perfect clutching every day for every condition.  I have never found a clutch kit that gives you "perfect" performance for every condition.  The shockwave allows you to make minor helix adjustments for every condition.  This has been an absolute "must have" for my turbo XP.

Turbo Performance:  Bryce Kendrick the Owner of Turbo Performance knows turbo XP's!  He offers a great turbo kit as well as great customer service.  I have been running an '08 Turbo XP 800r for over 1800 miles and thanks to Bryce it has been an absolute blast.  If you are going to step into the world of Turbo Ski-doo sleds Turbo Performance is the best.  Turbo XP's are definitely not for everyone.  They require a lot of maintenance continual checks.  But if you are a motor head like me then it makes the whole experience that much funner.   Check out my Youtube videos for some sweet turbo XP footage.   Stay tuned for the Turbo E-tec!!!  I contacted to build a custom wrap for my 2012 Etec.  The owner Bruce emailed me back immediatley  and helped me pick a custom wrap.  I sent him some of my logo files as well as sponsor logos and within 2 days he had a proof back to me.  2 days after that I recieved my wrap.  The wrap is absolutly amazing!  The vinyl is super thick and extremly sticky.  It was super easy to install and took about 2-3 hours for my complete wrap (including the tunnel).  There is no comparison to any of the other wraps out there in terms of quality and service!

Van Amburg Enterprises:  If you are extending your tunnel or want a custom tunnel Van Amburg is the best.  They make super strong tunnel extensions with custom bumpers.  I have been running VA tunnel extensions for 2 years now and love the look and strength.  Check out their website for pics.

Skinz Air Frames:  I beat the crap out of these things for two years and they were awesome.  You can see them pictured on my sled above.  These were one of the best mods I did to my 2012.  They never build up with snow, and you can't bend them.  These things are rock solid.

More reviews to come soon!