'08-'09 Xtreme XP Rear Summit Suspension Bracket Kit.                (146, 154, 163)                        

The Xtreme XP rear suspension bracket kit effectively upgrades your 2008 and 2009 Ski-Doo Summit "X" or Summit Everest to perform like the 2010 sleds.  In 2010 Ski-doo finally got the rear suspension set up correctly.  The rear suspension on a 2010 summit performs much better than the '08 and '09 summits.  The rear Center shock was lengthened and moved back 1" on the rail.  This change makes the XP summit roll over and side hill MUCH easier.  You will notice substantially less ski pressure and the ability to pull the sled over much easier.  This upgrade helps transfer spring pressure from the front shock to the back shock to help the sled jump up on top of the snow much quicker.  This also helps remove the "sag" in the rear end that many doo owners have complained about since the '08 came out.  With the center (track) shock being longer, the front arm is forced up, which forces the back of the sled up through the pivot and transfer rods.  Contrary to popular belief the longer front shock does not make the XP wheelie uncontrollably; in fact it does the opposite.  Because the front track shock is now carrying some of the load under power, the rear does not collapse as easily.

The kit comes complete for easy do-it-yourself installation.  It comes with new shock relocation brackets, hardware and color instructions.  The rear skid does NOT need to be removed for installation. The front idlers can be re-installed (the above picture has them removed to better view the kit).   

I recommend ordering a new shock from your local dealer or finding a used one.  

Any 2010-2012 Summit  middle shock with 14.4" Center to Center will work.  

Get yours ordered today and experience the XP the way it should be!

Xtreme XP Suspension Relocation Kit
We also highly recommend the 2010 steering post upgrade for the ultimate in lighter steering.  You can see how to do this for free here.